The links below will guide you through the artifacts I've created and gathered. Each page will begin with the lesson instructions, intended either for teachers or for students, and this will be followed by my explanations justifying the assignment, discussing the various pedagogies and theories that inform the assignments, and clarifying what specific Grades 11-12 Common Core standards are addressed in the assignment. (Artifacts are embedded as text, rather than attached as separate documents.)The links at the top and bottom of the page will help you navigate back to this page, and to other artifacts in the portfolio. Welcome and enjoy!

Artifact 1: Expressivism and the Writing Journal

Artifact 2: Cognitive Strategies and Sentence Starters

Artifact 3: Critical Pedagogy and Literary Politics

Artifact 4: Multimodal Design and Analyzing Images

But first, some more pictures of cool contemporary movie teachers in front of blackboards, the use of which I'm sure violates just all of the copyright laws. Come get me, Hollywood!