You know, for the viewing parties.

APRIL 1953



This delicious and beautiful frontier favorite cocktail combines homemade blackberry liqueur with rye whiskey. Maybe if Shane had just ordered one of these, all that trouble could have been avoided.


Fresh Corn and Sweet Onion Johnnycakes with Creamy Avocado and Green Onion Sauce

These savory johnnycakes made with fresh corn pair beautifully with our bright green citrusy avocado and green onion sauce.


Pork Tenderloin with Onion Blackberry Vodka Jam and Microgreens on Focaccia

We combine a simple but perfectly prepared pork loin with a time-consuming batch of homemade onion preserves. Your kitchen will smell amazing for days.


MARCH 1933


Rum and Meyer Lemon Sidecar

This sweet/tart cocktail migrated from France and became popular during Prohibition. The Depression Era penny-pincher was prone to substitute rum for brandy. A perfect accompaniment for King Kong and something salty.








Sardine Butter Toasts with Pickled Red Onion and Preserved Lemon

You can’t leaf through a nineteen thirties cookbook without finding a boat load of recipes utilizing that perfect little fish we pack into those little square cans like, well…. Serve with something citrusy and only just slightly illegal, like our Sidecar.