APRIL 1955

Favorite Scenes and Moments from Shane: The Odd and the Oddly Perfect

by Corbett Treece

We discuss some of our favorite moments and some things that just confuse us in our May 2015 featured film, Shane (1953), directed by George Stevens, and starring Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur, Van Heflin, Elisha Cook, Jr., Emile Meyer, and Jack Palance. Ok, yes, and Brandon deWilde. And a dog. And some horsies.

Fighting Threats Foreign, Domestic, and Glowing: Nightmares of the Cold War

by Lois Anne DeLong

The true monster of the 1950s was the atomic bomb, which cast its malevolent shadow as the Cold War grew through the 1950s. Atomic fear gave rise to some of cinema's great monsters, mutants and prehistoric creatures that would dominate the screen for over a decade, beginning with 1953's The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. 

MARCH 1933


The Simple, The Perfect, and The Ape: The Deceptive Art of King Kong

by Joe Mazel

King Kong, despite its iconic status is often dismissed for its simplicity and naivety. But its genius is in how it invites interpretation and sparks imagination, allowing us to find answers and seek meaning when we are handed only mystery.


“What Are You Doing Here?”: The Odd Romance of King Kong

by Corbett Treece

The first third of this amazing adventure story is dominated by an easily forgotten and moderately offensive romance. It may not be a love story for the ages, it may even be terrible, but we found some reasons to love it. We’ll get into all that, but first…someone’s getting slapped.

King Kong ’76: Jungle Films, Jessica Lange, Skimpy Outfits and Thoughts on Beards

by Corbett Treece

What happens when adaptations think they're smarter than their source material, but get it all wrong? Short shorts, side boob, and halitosis-induced ecstasy. Oh, and huge profits. (Also, some thoughts on the legacy of 1930’s jungle films and race and gender politics in King Kong ‘33.)