Founders and Editorial Staff

Corbett Treece has a master's in english literature from Hunter College and taught and tutored  composition and literature at several CUNY schools, including Hunter College and LaGuardia Community College. She is an enterprising inventor of fictional apps, largely avocado related, and has recently relocated, now dwelling on a boat in Seattle with a pride of lions. Or something. Did you see that trailer for Roar? Bonkers.


Joe Mazel double majored in english, with an emphasis on creative writing, and film at Hunter College and has worked in the comic book industry since the bronze age. You may have seen him about New York making mustaches and eyebrows of inanimate objects, and otherwise devoting himself to Hemingwayesque levels of masculinity and self-destruction. He couldn't be bothered to write his own bio, so this is what he gets.


Joel Waage has a master's in theatre directing from Florida State and has been working in theatre in Seattle, Florida, and New York since 1995. He currently lives in Harlem and rides a bicycle cycle and hosts trivia nights. He's that guy you see at a Broadway show with a frozen beard and one pant leg turned up, or at The Strand coveting Modernist Cuisine or Historic Heston. You may also be familiar with his Halloween work.

Contributing Writers

Lois Anne DeLong is a freelance writer/editor who, in theory, makes her money as a college-level educator. She has written and produced 12 plays for young adults and is currently working on two plays and a sci-fi novel. A life-long New Yorker who lived in self-imposed exile on Long Island for many years, Lois now happily makes her home in Queens where she intends to remain until the Doctor in the blue box finally finds her.