The Potemkin is currently a very small team of authors and contributors, but we are interested in cultivating relationships with talented writers and fans of historic culture. As we plan our months, we generate a big list of cultural goings-on that correspond to our featured film, and you can email us at to get that brainstorming outline for the upcoming issues to see potential topics. From there, if you see a content area or subject that attracts you, we'd ask that you email us again, sending us at least two examples of your work (1,000-2,000+ words), a pitch for an idea, and a description of you as a writer. We ask that writing samples and pitch ideas be focused on a narrowed topic within your chosen subject (rather than broad or general), have a point-of-view or argument, and show some research and documentation skill. Pitches should also show an understanding of how your topic may have already been addressed, and articulate how you intend to distinguish your work from what's already floating around out there.

April 2015 = April 1953. Movie of the Month: Shane.